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Global voices

Práctico you tube con el que se pueden sacar ciertas ideas para su uso en la clase oral.
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domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2009


This page is really good for speaking activities.Have a look.I´m sure you´ll find it very useful.

Can I take a message?
Giving directions
Movie lessons
Shopping lesson


All of us who have been in charge of teaching Ampliación de Inglés know that it is sometime difficult to find trustable webs in which to find fresh resources which, besides, may be realistic.

Ther is a very interesting webpage called English Listening Lesson Library OnLine which offers a wide range of recordings uploaded by English speakers from all over the world. We can also find ready-to-use materials to be used supplementing the online activities. It is most suitable for active lessons, since participants have to be dynamic in order to acquire listening and speaking skills. That is why I consider it a good for teaching oral skills, and so I recommend you all to try it. I hope you may like it and find it useful to prepare your lessons :-)

Useful books

Hi there!
I'm sending you a couple of books that although a bit expensive prove to be most useful. Especially for lazy teachers, as the units are developed step by step with the warm up, activity and follow up. Everything is provided for, with the aims of the units, vocabulary, useful phrases, techer's role, etc. All in three different levels.
The best one for me is Speaking Extra C.U.P
For listening, Listening Extra, C.U.P.
One of my three tops is also Role Plays for Today

Talking activity

This activity is feasible to be adapted to plenty of topics. Whenever I've tried it, it really works. If you try it, I expect your feedback.
It was published by British Council BBC:

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News English Lessons

These pages are full of different kinds of listening exercises and they are FREE.

News English lessons
FREE Handouts, Listening & Quizzes in Simple English -
Printable Lesson Worksheets, Podcast

Listen a minute Listenings, 9-Page Handouts & Online Quizzes - Listen Up!

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Useful English Web Pages

Hello everybody,
I'm sending you some web pages that I find particularly useful, and some notes about them so you can visit only the ones you find interesting.
Looking forward to hearing from you all!
Best Wishes,

http://www.isabelperez.com/ (a very complete page, Isabel's work is just astonishing: lots of useful exercises, activities, grammar exercises and explanations... two thumbs up!)

http://www.agendaweb.org/ (full of useful and interesting resources)

http://www.onestopenglish.com/ (maybe not as good as Isabel's, but with different exercises)

http://www.howjsay.com/ (this web side helps you (and your students) with the pronounciation, but not only of words, but of expressions, whole sentences, and so on.)

http://www.dixio.com/ (this web page contains not only a very powerful and good dictionary, but also you can sign in for 'the word of the day' (in the English version, not the Spanish one) and they send you a word everyday, with the explanation of its meaning, origin, use, etc. I use the most interesting ones in some of my classes as a warm-up activity.)

http://www.urbandictionary.com/ (a very useful dictionary with words that our students love to learn)

I hope you find them useful too.

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lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009

Breaking the ice the first day

Yoou can use this format for other units of work as well.

Listening Exercise with Young Frankenstein

Let's see whether this is a good listening practice. It is really appealing as it is so funny, but also useful to cover new vocabulary and expressions.

domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009

Learning English Pronunciation


This is an activity that has been successful every time I've done it. It is adapted from a book of the 70's