domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2009


All of us who have been in charge of teaching Ampliación de Inglés know that it is sometime difficult to find trustable webs in which to find fresh resources which, besides, may be realistic.

Ther is a very interesting webpage called English Listening Lesson Library OnLine which offers a wide range of recordings uploaded by English speakers from all over the world. We can also find ready-to-use materials to be used supplementing the online activities. It is most suitable for active lessons, since participants have to be dynamic in order to acquire listening and speaking skills. That is why I consider it a good for teaching oral skills, and so I recommend you all to try it. I hope you may like it and find it useful to prepare your lessons :-)

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  1. I find this page very useful.I used it a lot last year and this year I have prepared and activity with one of the listenings.You can have a look at it here :