lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2009

Useful English Web Pages

Hello everybody,
I'm sending you some web pages that I find particularly useful, and some notes about them so you can visit only the ones you find interesting.
Looking forward to hearing from you all!
Best Wishes,
Max (a very complete page, Isabel's work is just astonishing: lots of useful exercises, activities, grammar exercises and explanations... two thumbs up!) (full of useful and interesting resources) (maybe not as good as Isabel's, but with different exercises) (this web side helps you (and your students) with the pronounciation, but not only of words, but of expressions, whole sentences, and so on.) (this web page contains not only a very powerful and good dictionary, but also you can sign in for 'the word of the day' (in the English version, not the Spanish one) and they send you a word everyday, with the explanation of its meaning, origin, use, etc. I use the most interesting ones in some of my classes as a warm-up activity.) (a very useful dictionary with words that our students love to learn)

I hope you find them useful too.

2 comentarios:

  1. Most useful pages, Max. Especially Isabel's page I think is one of the best ever. Just you have to have plenty of time to reach to every corner it has.
    Urban dictionary is so appealing to our students as it's full of slang, and they love it.
    The rest of the pages are new for me, but I'll look into them right away.
    Thanks for your information, Max
    Come on the rest maka up your minds and contribute to the blog! I'm sure you have so many things to share.

  2. They're really useful! Thanks! Here you are some web pages that can be interesting:

    (English slang and colloquialisms)

    Looking forward to hearing from you.